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Colors for Fall 2016

Posted on September 23 2016

In Boom Boom Jeans, we are proud to consider ourselves a fashion forward company that is always keeping the eye on trends along the world. BBJ’s designers travel the globe, experiencing culture and newness to bring the latest trends to their designs. Inspired by the runways and the chicest places across the world, BBJ creates the most unique junior clothing available.We want to show you what colors you will see in the streets for Fall 2016.  

Potter's Day, Dusty Cedar & Spicy Mustard: We have seen this in a lot of outerwear pieces and accessories. It will be a must in every fashionista's closet.
Warm Taupe & Sharskin: They are the black and the white of this Fall Choose this colors for your knit tops and t-shirts. They are both winners!
Bodalicious & Aurora Red: You'll see this two colors in almost anything from outerwear, bottoms, tops and shoes and bags. So just get whatever you like best, you'll still be in the "cool kids club".
Riverside, Airy Blue & Lush Meadow: This combination looks great together, either if it is denim on denim and a green bag our a green skirt with blue pumps... it just works.


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