Denim Trends That You Will Keep Seeing Everywhere


Denim Trends That You Will Keep Seeing Everywhere

Have you heard of the Trickle-Across Theory in fashion? In its simplest terms, the theory states that fashion moves horizontally between (and within) social groups. Ever noticed how there is one friend who always has a cute outfit on and gets asked where she got it? We call these individuals “early adopters”. In today’s hyper-connected digital world, these early adopters are becoming the new style leaders in fashion. Below are a couple of ways these influencers are making denim a highlight point in their wardrobes.

Layering a Denim Skirt over your Jeans

Gigi shows us how to do it. You can hate it or you can love it, but you are definitely going to see it along your Instagram feed a lot.

Kick-Flare Cropped Jeans

There are 3 simple rules to remember:

  1. The perfect length is right above the ankle.
  2. A frayed hem is the only amount of distressing you want with this style of jeans.
  3. If wearing ankle boots, make sure the jeans hit at or below the top of the boots.


From Gucci to McQueen, Zara, Topshop, Forever 21… and of course… Boom Boom Jeans. This trend is one of the hottest of the season. You will see it everywhere.

Wide Leg

Whether it is the 70’s version or the cropped one. All streetstylers along the world have been adopting this trend. You choose how to wear it.

Color Blocking and Two-Toned Jeans

This 90’s trend is making a huge comeback taking every single fashion capital this days.


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