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DIY : How to Create the perfect Distressed Jeans.

Posted on September 09 2016

Ever wonder how our designers give your jeans that worn out look without actually wearing it out? From short to long and everything in between, destruction has become a huge trend in the denim world. This handy little DIY will give you some tips and tricks to give your jeans that extra wow factor.

Supplies Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Sand Paper
  • Seam Ripper
  • Jeans

 One of the beautiful things about denim is how it looks once it is washed. Stone washes are typically one of the most common methods of washing denim fabric, and they give it what are called “highs” and “lows”. "Highs" are areas in the fabric where the wash is lighter/brighter and "lows" are areas in the fabric where the wash is darker/deeper.

Step 1

  • To keep the integrity of the “highs” and “lows” at the hem of the jean, we will take our seam ripper and release the hem by taking out the stitch. Take your seam ripper and slip it in between the thread stitch and the fabric, and pull to rip the stitch (pictures 2 & 3).

Step 2

  • With the new “released hem” laying flat, take an iron and press the fabric flat.
    • The highs will be much more prominent and will create a visible horizontal line on the fabric.

Step 3

  • To get the released hem to fray, you will use your seam ripper to catch the white yarns in the fabric and pull them out. Do this for a couple of rows (depending on how high you want the edge to fray). This edge will fray more and will soften up once it goes through the washing/drying process.

Step 4

  • To create some destruction on the back pocket, cut two horizontal slits. These slits will determine where you want the destruction to begin and end.
  • After cutting into the pocket, you will take your seam ripper and pull out the blue threads, leaving the white threads intact and uncut. Do this the entire distance between the two slits you cut.

Step 5

  • Once you are finished, you will wash the jeans (make sure to add some softener!) and then dry them.

Step 6

  • Voila! Your newly destructed jeans are ready to wear! Style them with some a cute crop or tank and some accessories and you’re ready to go!
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