How To Style Shop BBJ Pinch Denim Jeans

Shop BBJ denim styles are made for the girl on the go. Shop BBJ pinch denim jeans is an updated skinny with a super high rise fit to give maximum waist definition. If you’re looking for that rigid look to wear with your oversized sweaters then boom boom jeans pinch denim jeans will be your new go to. This flattering denim also has stretch for your most comfortable fit yet. These vintage style denim is very versatile, and we’ve got some style options for you. Read on to find out how you can style Shop BBJ pinch denim jeans.

Casual and Oversized

boom boom jeans pinch denim

That trendy oversized look is not going anywhere anytime soon. A great way to style your boom boom jeans pinch denim is with your favorite oversized sweaters and t-shirts. The pinch denim is very flattering at the waist line, so you can even opt for an oversized cropped style. This will also give an illusion of a smaller waist line. Finding the perfect balance between your denim jeans and your oversized options will give you a very flattering look.

Fitted Tucked In Blouse

boom boom jeans pinch denim

A great way to show off the waistline is to keep your whole outfit very fitted. When wearing shop bbj pinch denim jeans, you can emphasize the waist  by wearing a fitted top tucked in. You’re able to create an elongated leg effect with you were more form fitting tops. The jeans already fall right at the waist line, so a tucked in blouse will form an hourglass shape to your torso.

Crop Tops and Sneakers

boom boom jeans pinch denim

A more casual approach to wearing boom boom jeans pinch denim is by pairing it with your favorite crop tops and sneakers. It is a more youthful approach to styling jeans that cinch you right at the waistline. Styling casually with sneakers is also a very 90’s nostalgia approach to this fashion piece. If you’re looking for a trendy look you’ll fit right in with this style choice.

These boom boom jeans high waist denim will be your new favorite go to. These jeans can be easily styled with so many pieces and dressed up and down. For more style inspo make sure you follow us on instagram @boomboomjeans. Check out more of our blog posts here!

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