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5 Denim Fall Trends in 2021

While fall is right around the corner, it is the best time to start replacing some of your summer attire with fall wardrobe to prepare for those cozy days to come. There are often plenty of specific style of jeans that increase in popularity from one season to another, just like there are a few styles that don’t end up in the spotlight like others. Regardless, the most important aspect is finding a pair of denim that become your personal go-to jeans, you should always wear what you feel most comfortable in, Whether it’s trendy or not. While this is a hot topic, I’ve done some research on popular Fashion blogs like Style caster, Who What Wear, and Chronicles of...

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How To Style Vegan Leather Leggings | Shop BBJ Vegan Leather Leggings

Looking for ways to style vegan leather leggings? We’ve got you covered when it comes to this trendy and popular wardrobe staple. A vegan leather leggings can be styled to transition from daytime to night time effortlessly. The great thing about Shop BBJ vegan leather leggings is that they will take an outfit and elevate it. Step away from the usual t-shirt and denim jeans and add some edge to your on the go ensembles.  Denim Jacket And Leather Leggings A go to everyday outfit with your Shop BBJ leather leggings, would be to style it with a  denim jacket. The denim on denim combo isn’t always an everyday look, so opt for some leather bottoms to create different texture in your...

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How To Style Active Sets | Shop BBJ Matching Sets

A casual style is easy to achieve with our Shop BBJ matching sets. From soft fabrics to more luxurious looking velour sets, we’ve got you covered with your lounge looks. You can layer these pieces with some outerwear and switch up your footwear to make the most out of all your sets.

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