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Looking for new photo shoot locations in Los Angeles? Well look no further, we’ve got you covered when it comes to Photoshoot locations. These are our top 5 choices tourist photo shoot location!


Griffith Observatory
This might be one of the best and most popular Los Angeles Instagram spots, You cant go wrong with this locations, From the clean architecture, and epic views of the city here. I will be honest, it is an absolute madhouse here during normal hours, you can still get Instagram-worthy shots if you have the patience. The best times to prepare a shoot for this location would be early in the morning, sunrise time. Which I heard is absolutely magical!

Griffith Observatory


Venice Crosswalk

The intersection of Pacific and Sunset Avenue In the heart of Venice beach, and home to the first ever Rainbow Crosswalk! A famous crosswalk for its pastel facades with iconic hanging lettering. This is a big and busy intersection and you’ll will definitely have eyes on you when trying to catch your Instagram worthy photo. Like most Los Angeles photo locations, it is recommended to get to this location early in the morning!

 Venice Crosswalk


Iconic Palm Trees

These Iconic palm trees do not have set location, but there are many streets in the city and surrounding areas that are lined with those tall palm trees. Some of the most popular locations has to be between Griffith Park and Hollywood, because you also get the hillside and sometimes the Hollywood Side in the background.

 Iconic Palm Trees


Venice Canals

Just a 10-minute walk from Venice Pier, this location is really easy to miss, it is located right off 25th street and is basically a neighborhood. The Venice canals offers a scenic view, this Trail is used primarily for walking, running and bird watching. While it is a neighborhood you

Venice Canal Los Angeles


Bradbury Building

This is one of the oldest commercial building in Downtown Los Angeles, it is famous for its light-filled glass atrium, and brick construction and decorated iron stairways. You may have recognized this from series like Blade Runner and 500 Days of Summer! A minor restriction on this location is that you are limited to the first floor, first flight of stairs and no professional photos are not allowed, Bummer.

 Bradbury building


This is the start of a series, stay tune for more Los Angeles Instagram hotspots! Next up is murals in the Los Angeles locations.

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