Top 5 Fashion Instagram Accounts for Your Ultimate Style Inspo

Instagram has revolutionized the way we share our daily fashion and lifestyle. With millions of fashionista’s flooding to the popular app on the daily to hashtag their ootd, finding your style inspo has become so easy! We’ve garnered our top 5 fashion instagram accounts that leave us dropping heart emojis. From style guru’s to style inspo pages, we’ve got all the bases covered so that you can hit that follow button. 

Chiara Ferragni

top 5 fashion instagram accounts to follow

Chiara Ferragni is an italian fashion blogger who simultaneously built a global fashion brand around her now established blog The Blonde Salad. She is known as one of the top influential fashion bloggers. Her instagram account, @chiaraferragni, has amassed a massive following of over 20 million, she shares not only her style but also some fun family moments. You can’t talk top fashion instagram accounts and iconic without mentioning the famous blonde.


top 5 fashion instagram accounts to follow

If you’re obsessed with 90’s culture and style then instagram fashion account @90sanxiety is next up on your follow list. This instagram account has built it’s following by sharing celebrity throwback photos, creating an instagram feed filled with 90’s nostalgia that people can’t get enough of. One of its most iconic photos to be posted was a throwback on none other than Kim Kardashian herself. Kim is wearing loose fitting jeans, which nowadays we like to call them boyfriend jeans, and is even holding a pager! If that doesn’t scream 90’s babe to you then I don’t know what does. 


top 5 fashion instagram accounts to follow

Whowhatwear is an LA based fashion brand known for giving us trend reports and fashion news. The website started as a simple fashion blog by two vogue editors, and is now a massive go to for fashion news. The instagram account, @whowhatwear,  gives fashion lovers daily posts on trends and feeds them style inspiration for days. If you’re looking for an instagram to keep you updated on all things fashion worldwide then whowhatwear will be your go to account.

Camila Coelho

top 5 fashion instagram accounts to follow

Camila Coelho first shot up in the influencer world with her highly successful Youtube channel. Once established the fashion influencer transitioned her loyal following into her instagram account, @camilacoelho. She shares her daily life with her followers, and takes them along as she travels the world. In an interview with, an online website covering entrepreneurship, she was asked about her instagram content and she said  “.. people love the Instagram so much -- it's more real. Real time, real life, more personal.” Her followers have gained inside look at the fashion icons life, and have sensed grown to love her more. With her account now past 8 million followers, you can say Camila is an instagram fashion must follow.

Aimee Song

top 5 fashion instagram accounts to follow

Aimee Song began her blogging journey in 2008. Her widely successful blog soon followed with an active instagram account. Her instagram account, @aimeesong has amassed a following of more than 5 million. Her personal style posts are loved on the gram and she shares her travel diaries with her millions of followers. 

Now you’ve got some style inspo to look forward to everyday on your IG feed! Make sure you check out these top fashion Instagram accounts and get inspired to try a new style or trend. 

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