Transitioning Jackets Into Summer | Styling Denim Jackets

If there is one thing we should all have in our wardrobe it is for sure a denim jacket. You can exhaust your jacket by wearing it everyday of the week and not one soul will bat their eye. Denim jackets are durable and long lasting making them not only a necessity but a good investment. You can stock up on all different styles of denim jackets, and styling denim jackets is easy year round. Now that things are heating up, transitioning your jackets into summer is what is on all our minds. We’ve got some style tips to bring your favorite denim jacket into the warmer summer days.

Denim With Dresses

If you’re imagining summer concerts, then a denim jacket paired with your favorite short flowy dress is just the outfit for you. Denim wouldn’t be your go to for a formal dress, but definitely for those printed summer dresses you wear to brunch or strolls on the beach. A denim jacket is perfect for those summer nights where it’s too hot for leather, but you still want that edgy look to your outfit. When in doubt opt for a denim jacket with pearls, these will add a dainty touch to your casual dress. Pairing your denim jacket with a dress makes it so easy to transition your jackets into summer.

Denim on Denim

styling denim jackets

The 90’s are not letting up. Now you definitely don’t want to pull a 2001 American Music Awards Britney and Justin blown out denim look, but don’t shy away from a great denim moment. Pairing a denim jacket with a denim pant is chic! Try a bright colored top with the look, or a pop of color in your shoes. You don’t want to drown in your denim ensemble, you want to wear it; not the other way around! If you’re scared to add some color try a striped top and white sneakers. This combination adds a little dimension to the look without you having to throw on some color if it’s not your thing. 

When In Doubt Crop It Out

A great way to get a sporty and athleisure vibe with denim is by opting for a cropped denim jacket. The cropped denim jacket is the most spring and summer essential denim. It’s lighter in weight so easy to throw on with dresses, t-shirts, and even sweats. A cool way to add some edge is by opting for a cropped denim jacket with a raw edge. Gives some extra sass to your outfit. Most cropped denim jackets will also cut right at your waistline, accentuating your waist for a more hourglass figure. 

Denim Jackets With Patches

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Styling denim jackets that have patches on them is also a great way to add some sass and personality to your outfits. A patched denim jacket is great to wear with sneakers, and is a very laid back approach to wearing a denim jacket.You can even buy patches separately and add them to your favorite jacket, making it more personalized to fit your style. Go as far as adding your favorite rock bands logo, or your favorite emoji! The patched denim jacket is most definitely the jacket to save for school or day trips to your favorite theme parks, even works for some casual airport style.

Transition jackets into summer from fall just got easier. Now is the time to dig through your wardrobe and find some outfits to pair your favorite denim jackets with. From chill summer nights to daytime brunch, we’ve got your outfits covered.

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