4 Ways To Style Your Flared Denim Jeans

Flare jeans, also known as bell bottoms, are very much associated with the 60’s and 70’s hippy culture. The actual origin of bell bottoms started with  navy sailors. Flared jeans were an essential part of their complete uniform. In the 1960’s many young adults wanted to rebel against mainstream fashion outlets and decided to start shopping for clothing in thrift stores. Thrift stores were full of these navy pants we now call flare jeans. It then became widely popularized and a staple fashion piece associated with the hippie era of fashion. Flare jeans have definitely made their way into modern day closets. We’ve compiled 4 ways to style your flared denim jeans! Whether it be a laid back boho style, or edgy rock n’ roll vibe, you can definitely style wide leg pants to fit your style.

Boho Chic

how to style flare jeans

Flare jeans are a great way to pull off a bohemian style. Style your favorite wide leg pants with a loose fitting top to get that laid back boho inspired look. You can accessorize with a big hat to add some more sass and dimension to your ensemble. You can also opt for an off shoulder flowy blouse to give that effortless chic look. Trying to find an outfit for your next summer festival? Look no further,  flare jeans are staple hippie clothes that go perfect for a coachella ready outfit.

Leather Jacket and T-Shirt

how to style flared denim jeans

A great way to wear flare jeans with a little edge, maybe for a more night time look, is to style them with your favorite black leather jacket and t-shirt. Flare jeans are very much rock and roll, and adding a leather jacket can give you that superstar look. You can opt for a plain color tee, or even your favorite band tee. You’ll definitely be ready for a wild night out with this ensemble.

The Office Look

flared denim jeans

Get a super chic office look when you pair your wide leg jeans with a button up loose fit blouse. This look still gives off that bohemian effortless vibe, but a more cleaned up version for that ready to work ensemble. You can even pair it with your favorite pumps for work, this is a must for the shorter gals. You can even try a more fitted top for the office, like our shop bbj wide leg pants worn on @gisseeeell.s on instagram. Flare jeans can be harder to style on shorter torso’s, so a heel will help you effortlessly pull off the look.

Totally Layered For Fall

Want to rock a fall flare jean look? Wearing your jeans in the fall means more layered looks. You can pull off a laid back effortless look with a jacket, sweater top, and tee. This will be the perfect time to style your fall booties.Adding some extra height to your flare jeans helps them not completely wash out your feet. 

You’re ready to pull off your best hippie look with these style tips. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and rock some bell bottoms. They are super trendy and a great way to switch up your daily look. 

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