How To Style High Rise Denim Jeans

High rise denim jeans first came into popularity in the 1940’s when Levi’s jeans produced jeans for women in the workforce. In these modern days women are rocking their high waisted jeans in so many ways. Considered to be the most flattering, denim high rise jeans are made to give you an hourglass figure. The slimming effect of a high rise pair of jeans have made them widely popular, and you can find them in so many styles from boyfriend to skinny. It is most definitely a closet staple for every woman, and we’ve got some tips on how to style high rise denim jeans.

Crop Tops and High Rise Jeans

how to style high waist jeans

The perfect way to hide a belly bulge and still rock your favorite crop top is by styling it with high waisted jeans. Crop tops are a great way to show off the length of your pants as well. You definitely don’t want to hide your high waisted jeans. Try pairing an off shoulder crop top with a bell bottom style high waisted jean, and pull off a more mature look with a little 70’s touch. A satin crop top with a high rise denim jean can also make for a cute daytime brunch look. A crop top can sometimes look youthful, but when done right you can wear it no matter what age.

Tucked in Top and High Rise Jeans

How To Style High Rise Denim Jeans

Don’t want to rock a crop top, but still want to show off that waist? A great way to style your denim high waisted jeans is by tucking in your top. This is a great way to not try and be bold with a crop top, but still wanting to accentuate the high rise off the denim pants. A good trick is to wear a top that’s a tad oversized to give an illusion of an hourglass figure when you tuck into your pants. 

Avoid Bulky Jackets

How To Style High Rise Denim Jeans

One thing  you must also pay attention to is what will seriously not go with your high waisted jeans. A high waist jean is meant to make you look proportionate and bring out your figure. Avoid boxy and short jackets, they will cover up your waist and broaden your entire upper body, completely cutting off the hourglass effect of a high waist jean. You always want to pay attention to your proportions.

How High is To High

How To Style High Rise Denim Jeans

Let’s also remember by high waist we mean your natural waistline. Some denim jeans are a little super high waist, going up right under the bust. These styles will elongate your abdomen bringing attention to all the wrong places, You want to keep them at your natural waistline, which is usually right at your belly button. This is the right spot for the hip huggin curvy look we want!

High waist jeans are not going out of style anytime soon. You definitely need to learn how to wear them, and find the right pair for your style. These tips should have you slaying all your outfits from summer to fall.  For more style inspo make sure you follow us on instagram @boomboomjeans. Check out more of our blog posts here

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