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It is a unique time for the world. With the CDC recommending we wear face masks, we must take this task and give it our own twist. Learning how to style your face masks can be your own way to add some joy to this new time in our lives. Not only are we helping keep each other safe, but we’re still keeping our spirits up a bit through our sense of style. Trendy facemask styles are popping out all over the place. From designers brands to fast fashion everyone is making face masks and we’ve got some cute ideas for your personal style!


Fun Prints

 fashion fabric face masks

A great way to add a personal touch to your quarantine style is by adding fun printed face masks. You can find many prints available of your favorite animals. Many chic fashionistas opt for a cheetah all over print, but you can also try out a tiger lips printed mask. If you’re into making a statement with prints, such as a pop of snake print in your shoes, you’ll definitely feel comfortable accessorizing with an animal print mask

Cool Slogans

 how to style your face masks

If you’re into making a statement with your  outfits then a cool slogan printed mask will work for you. Just like wearing a graphic tee, a statement on your mask says a lot about you. Nothing says avoid me at all costs like a bitch please printed face mask. These types of masks can make a loud roar, without you having to mumble a single word. You can also show people your sassy personality with a face mask like our Queen graphic print reusable face mask.


Match With Your Fit

 how to style face masks

We love a good matching outfit. If you’re that attention to detail gal then pairing your face masks to coordinate with your day look would be the perfect way to style your face mask. For instance, a leather jacket and all black outfit can look edgy with a skull printed face mask. You’re still adding your personal style but with a little more attention t\o detail. If you can’t get enough of snake print, pair your snake print boots with a coordinating snake print face mask.

These are some simple ideas on how to style your face mask. With so many options to choose from you are sure to find something to fit your personal style aesthetic.

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