5 Stylish Ways to Wear Denim Shorts

The season of short shorts is upon us. As the temperatures rise and crowds flock to beaches we tend to wear less and less. A summer staple in any fashionista's closet is of course the denim short. Shorts became widely popular in the 70’s because of a famous TV show called the “Dukes of Hazzard”, Daisy Duke wowed in cut off levi’s that soon became a widely popularized trend. From cut offs, to high waist, to rolled cuffs, so many different styles of denim shorts have emerged throughout the years. Here we’ve compiled 5 stylish ways to wear denim shorts, so that you can rock them no matter where your destination may be.

Blazer and Shorts


A t-shirt and blazer paired with your favorite rolled up cuff denim shorts are the perfect way to keep a professional style while keeping cool. A blazer adds a touch of chic to what without could be a more sporty look. You add some class to this outfit when you throw on a blazer over your favorite t-shirt. If you want a more daytime look try pairing it with some sneakers. You can also go totally night time with this look and throw on your favorite heels. It’s a definitie outfit that can go from day to night in no time. 

Crop Top and Shorts

If you’re planning on going full summer mode, and following all the summer denim trends, then a crop top and cutoff shorts will be the go to look for you. A frayed bottom cut off short could be the best option for you as it adds a little extra coverage at the bottom while still playing on the cut off style. This is also a good look for the beach. You can throw a crop top right over your bathing suit top, and go from the beach to the closest shopping center nearby. A super easy transitional look for the summertime.

Plaid and Shorts

You can’t go wrong with this cowgirl inspired look. A flannel and shorts is a favorite pairing among our flannel loving fashionistas. It’s a classic outfit for summer, and sometimes even fall. Add some thigh high boots and this can easily transition into a fall look. Most of us already own at least on flannel top in our closets, so this outfit is easily done. 

Tucked in Button Up and Shorts

A brunch approved look! If you’re looking for a casual daytime look then a button up top with some high waist denim shorts will be your go to. This style is perfect for grabbing lunch with your gal pals, or even some day time shopping. You can show off the waistline by tucking your shirt into the shorts. This gives a little more of an hourglass illusion. Throw some personal style on by pairing it with a sun hat, for that perfect summer daytime look. 

Flowy Tops and Shorts

This one's for the inner boho fashionista. A very free flowing and airy way to style your denim shorts is with long tunic tops. No beach trip? No problem. Get that on the way to the beach look with these two pieces. Pair it with your favorite sandals for that ultimate summer style. Tunics are also perfect if you tend to get chilly with the summer breeze. They double as a lightweight cardigan, giving you a little bit more coverage for your daytime outings.

With summer right around the corner we are now officially ready to pull out our own short shorts! With so many style options for denim shorts, this is sure to be an endless summer.

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