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We are going mad over plaid. We know plaid isn’t groundbreaking for fall, but it’s definitely a must. Plaid came to the US in the 1850’s when it made its way here from Europe. Though plaid had been around for decades, it came to be widely popular during the 90’s era of grunge. When rock bands started sporting the print, it was every tween and teens go to print. Plaid is seemingly here to stay, as our 2020 fall fashion forecast has come to be we are definitely seeing plaid pants and trousers emerge. Here are 5 ways to style plaid pants this fall season.

Plaid From Head To Toe

styling plaid trousers

Is there such a thing as too much plaid? We’d like to think not. Think about matching your shop bbj plaid trousers with a matching print plaid jacket for that ultimate Clueless 90’s nostalgia ensemble. Wearing a matching plaid set will be the easiest way to pull off a plaid look without overthinking the pieces too much. 

Plaid With Other Prints

how to style plaid trousers

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your plaid looks. Mixing plaid with other prints can seem a little intimidating, especially for those of us who don’t like to take many risks with our fashion choices. Don’t shy away from trying different prints with plaid, they can actually turn out to be some edgy and unique looks. Try mixing a floral with a solid base color that you can match to your plaid printed trousers. If you have a black top with floral print, try pairing that with a black and white plaid. 

Plaid Pants and Leather Jacket

styling plaid trousers

You can never go wrong with plaid and leather. This edgy look is inspired by grunge fashion. It’s an easy way to rock plaid this fall season. For that ultimate grunge look try a pair of shop bbj plaid joggers and a black leather jacket for that 90’s rocker look. A high waist shop bbj plaid trouser would also look amazing with a more cropped leather jacket.

Plaid Trousers and Plain Tee’s

5 ways to style plaid

We know not everyone wants to go daring and bold with their outfits. We sometimes just want a casual look with a dash of print to get us through the day. A great way to wear your shop bbj plaid trousers is simply with a basic tee shirt. Almost any plaid print will pair perfectly with a plain white or black t-shirt. Throw on your favorite combat boots and sneakers and your casual ensemble is ready to hit the town.

Plaid and Oversized Sweaters 

5 ways to style plaid

Another casual everyday outfit choice when styling plaid trousers is by pairing it with an oversized sweater. This is a great outfit choice for work or school during the fall time as it’s the most cozy choice. Fall is definitely the time to pull out your favorite oversized sweater.

You’re now ready to strut your best fall looks in your favorite plaid trousers. Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints and go bold with plaid. For more style inspo make sure you follow us on instagram @boomboomjeans. Check out more of our blog posts here

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