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They say fashion always makes a comeback, according to the 20 year rule theory most styles repeat in popularity every twenty years. One era that has been popping up all over our social networks is definitely the 90s, and you guessed it we’re about 20 years in since the last of the 90’s era.. Popular trends like loose denim jeans, and oversized silhouettes have started to make their way back into street wear. The casual and effortless looks are highly favored due to their ability to be worn in the daytime with no effort. We’ve found some of the best 90’s fashion trends for you to check.

Loose Fitting Jeans

In case you haven’t heard mom jeans are a thing again. The term mom jeans derives from, you guessed it, seeing your mom and aunts style their loose fit jeans when you were growing up. Skinny jeans had taken over our closets for quite some time, and although they are definitely still a staple in every fashionista's wardrobe, mom jeans have emerged as the new go to style for casual streetwear. The mom jean loose fit 90’s style is loved among women of all ages and sizes, the denim is not hugging on the body but still flattering, making it acceptable for just about everyone to wear. They can be styled with heels or sneakers, a definite piece you can dress up or down.

Grunge Style

You can’t say iconic 90’s fashion trends without mentioning grunge style. A good band tee will go a long way if you’re trying to replicate a cool 90’s look. You can also wear your best pair of straight leg jeans with a cardigan, and boom you’re 90’s grunge. The grunge style of the 90’s is definitely not hard to duplicate with items you might have in your wardrobe already. Look to see if you’ve got a band tee and some old denim jeans you can slit some rips into and your outfit will scream 90’s babe.

Claw Clips

Hair accessories are always a must. In the 90’s one of the biggest trends in  hair accessories was the classic claw clip. The claw clip is definitely making it’s come back into modern times. You would not walk into a high school in the 90’s without seeing a coil of hair clipped with a claw. It was the IT girl hairstyle and it has slowly modernized its way into 2020. 

Ripped Denim Jeans

90s fashion trend

The 90’s popularized the grunge look. You couldn’t pull off your grunge style with a pair of ripped denim jeans. Made popular by iconic rock bands like Nirvana, ripped denim jeans became the must have jeans of the 90’s.

The 90’s fashion era seems to have really amassed popularity this year. From claw clips, to mom jeans, it’s hitting our social media platforms like crazy. Now you’ve got all the info you need to serve some serious 90’s nostalgia.

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