Best Jeans For Your Body Shape

From skinny jeans to mom jeans, our jeans are one of the most staple items in our wardrobe. Style them up or style them down, they get so many wears that we are constantly searching for that perfect fit. The question is what's the best jean for your body shape? Will a skin tight curve hugging skinny jeans work for you, a slim fitting loose cut? It’s something we tend to ask ourselves when we’re out looking for new additions to add to our closets.

The Pear Shape Babe

Are you a curvaceous fashionista? The pear shaped stylista is usually wider at the hips, meaning you carry your weight below the waist. The perfect fit for our pear shaped and hourglass figures seem to be the bootcut jean. Bootcut jeans flare out at the bottom, making them perfectly balance your shape. Pairing them with a small bootie will also help elongate your torso giving you a curvier and longer silhouette. It is also recommended to choose a high rise bootcut style. This will give you a snug waist and a bit looser fit on the hips, which will subsequently help give you a more snatched pear shaped silhouette. As a pear shape you definitely want to avoid anything that draws eyes to the hips. For example, tapered jeans and capris are going to be your worst enemy.

The Apple Shape Gal

An apple shape tends to be a little more top heavy, usually gaining weight around the waist. It can be hard to find the right fit to match this torso, but the straight fit seems to be the most flattering for this body shape. This silhouette will fit your waist well, and the straight leg will help balance your shoulders giving you a more proportionate look. Give some extra time and attention to where the rise of your jeans hit. A too low rise can give you the dreaded muffin top we all want to avoid, opt for a mid-rise to give you some extra length. 

The Athletic Build 

Your go to jean is going to the boyfriend jean. A more loose fit jean won’t accentuate your body shape, living room for the illusion that curves are there. The boyfriend jean will hug just a tad, giving you a loose comfortable fit. Styling your boyfriend jeans with a fitted top will give the illusion that you have more room to work with in the bottom. 

Jean shopping is always a bit of a hassle. Knowing the best jeans for your body shape before you dive into shopping will help make the process so much easier. Saving you so much dressing room time.

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  • Kim C

    I purchased a pair of your high quality incredibly soft and superbly fitting pants through Stitch Fix(SF) And wanted to order them in all the available colors and quickly sold out!! I went to your website for the first time in hopes of finding them. The pants were called The Eva Straight Leg Cuffed Pant that I purchased in khaki. I feel like I died and went to heaven as the fit are INCREDIBLE and the cotton is primo!!!! I have difficulty finding the proper fit for my body type and your pants look as though they were tailored just for me! I almost felt like I was wearing a pajama pant they were so comfortable!!
    Will these pants be available on your site any time soon??
    Please advise:)
    Thank You,
    Kim C from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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