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Adding some new suede pieces to your wardrobe this fall? Suede can be very sophisticated. It's all about matching it with the perfect pieces. For example, shop bbj suede pants, like our high rise bonded skinny, come in traditional neutral colors like black and brown. Suede is most common in neutral colors, learning how to style suede is simple with a simple color selection. We’ve garnered some fun and simple outfit inspirations for you to try out this fall season.

Suede and Denim

how to style suede

The most common and easy route to take when styling suede pieces is by pairing them with denim. Most commonly suede pieces in light brown and nude tones pair perfectly with denim pieces. Pairing a pair of shop bbj suede pants with a blue denim jacket is a simple everyday fall ensemble. You can also do the vice versa by pairing your suede jacket with a pair of denim jeans. Suede and denim coincide so well together despite being two such opposite fabrics. 

Suede Skirts and Simple Blouses

how to style suede

Fall is a great time to wear your favorite suede skirts. When summer closes floral skirts get tossed to the back of the closet, and suede midi skirts can re-enter the conversation. A great way to style your suede skirts is by pairing them with simple tops. Most fall suede skirts will come in brown or black colors, which tend to pair perfectly with basic neutral tops. Take our shop bbj high rise bonded skinny suede pants in black and pair it with a white top for a classic fall look. These simple ensembles will give an elegant look for the fall season.

Sweaters and Suede Bottoms

how to style suede

If you like to feel extra cozy during the fall chilly weather, then pairing your suede bottoms with a sweater is the way to go. Knit pairs very well with suede pants and bottoms. You can style an oversized chunky knit sweater with suede pants for a cozy and simple go to fall ensemble. Grab your favorite boots to finish off the look. 

You’re officially a suede loving fashionista. Suede is a great alternative to leather for the fall season. It’s time to switch up your usual leather jacket. Don’t forget to keep your suede in neutral tones like brown and black, they are easier to style and look a lot more expensive. For more style inspo make sure you follow us on instagram @boomboomjeans. Check out more of our blog posts here

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