How To Style Your Joggers

From couch comfort to chic queen, joggers are that staple piece you need in your wardrobe. Joggers seem to be the most go-to piece of loungewear because they are versatile in style. Joggers originated in sneaker culture, mostly because people wanted to show off their sneakers so they would cuff the bottom of their pants so their shoes would be showcased. Once mainstream fashion caught on to the look joggers started coming from all types of fashion houses. You can definitely watch your Netflix and eat a whole tub of ice cream in them, but you’re also able to make them on the go looks. Learning how to style your joggers will give you so many more outfit options. A jogger can surprise us when worn with the right heel and top. Stay tuned for some fun ways to accessorize and style those modern sweatpants.

Crop Top and Joggers


Putting together an outfit with joggers is as simple as a crop top and socks. If we’re talking at home style a solid colored crop top paired with your favorite printed socks is probably the most simple way to do it. This will probably be best if you’re planning to lounge and binge watch your favorite television show and maybe take a quick insta-pic to document it. Also, if for any reason you have to make a quick trip for essentials you will just need a pair of sneakers! Joggers are that border between sweatpants and leggings so no need to change! 

Joggers with Heels how to style your joggers

You probably didn’t think we would ever suggest heels with sweatpants, but remember, these are joggers. We’re talking acceptable sweatpants! A strappy heel seems to always do the trick giving your joggers a sassy edgy look. Tying them around your joggers has become a new trendy look, don’t be afraid to try new things and switch up your look. You can also complete your look by simply purchasing a matching womens jogger set, there are so many styles to choose from. A crop top and jogger set with some strappy heels can be an easy night time look, it’s like effortless chic! If you can get away with being comfy at the club might as well right!

Over-sized Top With Joggers

how to style joggers

The over-sized look could be intimidating to some, but if you love to be comfortable this might be the way to pull off looking nice without trying. Pairing your joggers with an over-sized sweater, denim jacket, or over-sized top is the right route to take for that looking like you tried but you didn’t style. The over-sized look became widely popular when leisurewear became a norm for a daily outfit. You also want to keep in mind to not overdue the oversize, there is still such a thing as too big. Learn to find pieces with some structure to avoid looking wide. Learning how to style your joggers with simple over-sized tops will have you looking effortless but still chic.

Great news! You’re officially ready to style your joggers for brunch, work, or even a night out. This versatile pant should be an essential piece to your wardrobe. From heels to sneakers you’re able to create many memorable fashion moments. 

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