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It’s fall season and it’s the perfect time to bring out your favorite leather pieces. A perfect addition to your fall wardrobe essentials would definitely be some shop bbj leather trousers. The colder weather is perfect for styling leather pants. These are some ideas on how to style leather pants this cold weather season.

Monochromatic Look

how to style leather pants

Leather can be intimidating, not to mention leather pants! Keeping it sleek and simple will give you a flawless ensemble. Style your favorite shop bbj black leather trousers with a black blouse and black heels for an easy to pull of look. Monochromatic looks give you a formal look without having to put in effort into coordinating colors or texture into your outfit. Simply pick one color you like and find hues in the same shade range.

Leather Pants With A Blazer

how to style leather trousers

A great way to style leather leather pants is by throwing a blazer over. This chic ready for work attire looks great with your favorite leather bottoms. You can also style your leather joggers to look classier and more formal when you simply complete the look with a blazer. 

Leather Pants and Sheer Blouses

how to style leather pants

A soft touch to a leather trouser outfit is a sheer lightweight blouse. You might think of leather as being edgy, and something you wear for a more off the grid vibe. You can add a feminine and more girly vibe to your leather trouser outfit with a sheer blouse. You can easily take your leather trousers from night time only, to daytime brunch with a simple blouse. 

Leather Pants and a T-Shirt

how to style leather pants

Want to go super casual with your leather look? You can’t go wrong with a simple t-shirt. A band tee will take your leather look from simple to edgy. Pair it with your favorite boots for a casual fall ensemble.

You’ve got your style inspo for your next leather look. Leather trousers can be worn to fit your girly vibe if that’s more your style. Don’t shy away from leather it definitely can be styled to fit your fashion mood.  For more style inspo make sure you follow us on instagram @boomboomjeans. Check out more of our blog posts here

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