What Style Fits You Best | Denim Skirt VS Denim Shorts

Summer is when we bring out our short skirt and shorts and let our legs do the talking. The question is what style fits you the best, it’s a denim skirt vs denim shorts run down. The popularity between the two styles during the summers fluctuates every year. One summer everyone is rocking their cut off shorts, the next you can’t live without your favorite denim skirt. They are both style staples that come in and out of fashion.

Denim Skirt

denim skirt

First up is the denim skirt! What seems to be the more comfortable choice when looking to come out of jeans. Denim skirts can also come in longer lengths, unlike denim shorts that basically have to be short to be considered a short. You want to pay attention to the fit and length of your skirt, they can be a little more youthful. If you’re looking for a more mature look with your skirt try a more form fitting and slim fit with a slight longer length. You can always venture into a more 90’s denim skirt with raw edges or distressing for a more younger vibe. 

Denim Shorts

denim shorts

Everyone has at least one pair of denim shorts in their wardrobe. Denim shorts have been a staple in our closets for years. Though they do have their good and bad seasons when it comes to consumer popularity. A good pair of denim shorts can go a long way. If you are more on the go, in and out of the car gal a denim short might be your best bet. Although not as breathable as a skirt, a short provides a little more comfort in daily movements, where as a skirt you have to make sure it doesn’t ride up. A short comes in many styles you can go for a high waist look, or a lowrise cut off. There are shorts for beach occasions and for a more dressed up style.

When it comes to finding the perfect denim look for yourself it really depends on your daily lifestyle. I think the more office fashionistas would benefit more from a denim skirt. You can style it with casual tops and give it a dressed up modern look. Shorts are definitely for the gal on the go. You can find so many stylish ways to wear denim shorts in the summer and even winter months. A fave amongst fashionistas is pairing them with sneakers and a t-shirt for that casual look.

Now that you’ve figured out the yes and no’s of denim skirts and shorts we hope your summer wardrobe comes together immaculately. For more style inspo make sure you follow us on instagram @boomboomjeans. Check out more of our blog posts here

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